About Us

Regent Machine & Servicing specializes in industrial humidification and since 1998 represents Condair Global in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, as their exclusive partner /collaborators for sales, installation and service of the wide range of Condair manufactured Humidifiers and De humidifiers in different industries like textile, tobacco, tea, paper, print, automotive, cold stores, art galleries to name a few.

Regent Machine has nearly 25 years’ experience in sales, installation and service of Direct Air Humidification Systems, both adiabatic (cold water) and Isothermal (Steam); De Humidifiers (Desiccant and Condensing), the key products being:

Fully automatic self cleaning, low maintenance Jetspray Humidification System, widely used in the production facilities of different industries for humidification with free adiabatic cooling.

Fully automatic, energy efficient Condair ML range of High Pressure Nozzle Systems.

The state of art, output modulating, fully automatic, Isothermal RS Resistive Steam Humidifier with consistent and accurate humidity control which can work in conjunction with air-conditioning units.

From site survey for understanding the problem, up to providing solution through selection of the appropriate humidification systems; system design; installation, commissioning and servicing – Regent Machine have installed many hundreds of Condair Humidification Systems including the fully automatic, self cleaning Jet Spray nozzle humidification systems, RS Resistive Humidifiers, High Pressure Nozzle Systems in the aforementioned industries.

Condair, as the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of humidification & evaporative cooling equipment.Condair humidifiers offer rapid return on investment through improving the operating efficiency of a production facility. Humidification systems, such as the JetSpray, have been serving the Indian textile, tobacco, tea and other industries for many years and have been continually developed to remain at the forefront of humidifier technology. With the highest quality operational and hygiene features, their reliable performance positions them as the first choice for leading Indian textile, tobacco, tea, cold stores and other companies.

Moisture plays a very significant role in production and preservation of any hygroscopic / moisture sensitive product. Uncontrolled conditions of temperature and humidity in a production environment lead to drastic moisture loss from products under production process which dries up the product leading to excessive wastage, low productivity, inferior quality and staff discomfort.

Requirements of modern high speed production techniques/ up gradation of manufacturing equipment lead to increase in internal plant heat loads, often resulting in the need of better control of humidity levels in the plant environment, as the existing plant humidification systems are often incapable to meet these increased demands. Adding more capacity to the inherently inefficient humidification plants can be very costly and useless, and often practically not possible in a running mill. The Jet Spray Atomizing Nozzle Humidification Systems, which can be very quickly installed inside a department, are highly versatile and adaptable to virtually any environmental control application whether as a standalone system or as a supplementing system to work in conjunction with the existing humidification plants..

Our experienced technical staff will gladly guide you through the process of design, purchase and installation of the appropriate humidification or dehumidification system, be it cold water direct air atomizing nozzle system, or high pressure nozzle system or the resistive steam humidifier or Desiccant or Condensing Dehumidifier for your specific applications, commercial, industrial or residential.

Compressed air engineering

Regent Machine & Servicing is also OEM distributors of Kaeser Compressor India P Ltd. a 100% subsidiary of Kaeser, Germany, yet another cutting edge technology since 2007 and have a sizeable machine population in the jute and tea industry of North East and South India and Bangladesh, which have been sold, installed and then maintained by RMS.