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Wool, cotton, silk, feather, what do all of these have common in them? All of these are fabrics obtained from natural materials that thrive on moisture when still alive. As a processed material, like textile, the need to uphold humidity is important. This requirement is addressed seldomly until the problem takes place in the process of production. All these kinds of materials will typically engross water from the airborne. An increase in the level of RH helps optimize the production atmosphere. Industrial humidifiers or systems for Humidification for weaving industry will eliminate the issues in the textile production process. Fibers such as silk and cotton form the basis of many woven textiles. Both these fabrics are used on their own or combined with other non-organic fabrics for use in consumer products. Organic types of base materials will absorb water from the air. In high humidity atmosphere, these material stays flexible and have less breakage in the yarn fibers and the process of weaving.

Dust problems with textile fibers-

Feathers are used in the making of bedding and clothing not only get loose but also produce dust. Material flexibility is influenced greatly by RH levels. Humidity also reduces the quantity of material and dust in the airborne. High HR eases the lightness of these materials and makes them heavy. Instantaneously, humidity reduces static creating an envelopment where materials are less able to connect themselves, machinery, and surrounding. The ability of RH levels and humidity to reduce static also reduces dust levels in the air.

Static doesn’t play favorable role in the textile weaving industry-

Humidity reduces static in the process of spinning and can keep the threads smooth and resistant to shrinking, unraveling, and breaking. Even when combined with inorganic materials like poly fibers, still there is a need for humidity. Most woven performance fabrics today mix natural fabric with spandex. These materials blended with natural fibers don’t absorb water from the air and there is a need for a reduction in static in the production atmosphere, especially inside heated surroundings. The non-natural materials make good conductors of static electricity. Winter conditions demand heat for indoor production atmosphere and cause dry air conditions. Depending on the location and seasonal RH, humidification for weaving is essential to keep air dry and static away. Humidity crosses seasons, particularly in more arid locations.

The right solution-

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