Humidifier for Spinning unit

In a world that is increasingly getting dependent on humidification technology, Regent Machine & Servicing, one of the best industries that are best in offering industrial humidification and services related to it will help you reduce energy costs along with meeting present time’s stringent indoor air quality requirements through the best humidification systems. We offer the best quality humidifier for spinning unit.

we are working as a partner for sales, installation, and services since 1998 of a wide range of industrial humidifiers in several industries including humidifiers for spinning unit. We hold 25 years of experience in sales, installations, and services of a wide array of industrial humidifiers. We are involved in offering good quality humidifier for spinning unit. We offer it to our worldwide customers at pocket-friendly costs.

Regent Machine & Servicing makes use of the humidification system for spinning unit to pressurize treated supply water between 1000psi and 2000psi. the stainless-steel orifice of the fog nozzle atomizes water into many ultra-fine fog droplets.

The humidifier for Spinning unit is thoroughly engineered to fit the application and humidification plant. Our engineering staff designs the appropriate water treatment system and sizes the fogging system based on building heat loads of humidification plants, ambient climate data, and so on.

Humidification for textile-

The climatic condition with regard to humidity and temperature plays a significant role in the process of production in the textile yarn humidification plant. The aspects namely dimensions, weight, tensile strength, electrical resistance, elastic recovery, etc. of the textile fiber whether synthetic or natural will be influenced by moisture regain which is the ratio of the dampness to the bone-dry weight of the material stated as a percentage.

Several aspects of textile materials vary considerably with the moisture regain of the humidification plant which in turn is affected by the ambient RH and temperature. If a dry textile material is placed in a room with a specific set of ambient conditions, it absorbs moisture and achieves evenness.

Yarn until transformation in tissues needs to balance its own moisture and that contained in the surrounding airborne. The lack of moisture in the air is noticeable unpleasantly. Many production units face issues during embroidery, weaving, and pinning yarns because of the breakage and high static electricity levels.

Once it was seen that wool by increasing RH to 70% during storage and processing, showed a 15% increase in elasticity that drastically reduces breakage during processing. Adjusting RH levels with misting system increases the strength of natural fibers and enhances the workability of yarns and fibers.

Water is sprayed through a special patented nozzle able of producing fine droplets, less than 10 microns that are faster absorbed by airborne without wetting surfaces and objects. The results are low installation cost and effectiveness.

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