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A humid climate favors the growth of tea in the plantation and getting the right RH level that is important to convert the picked leaves into high-quality tea at the time of its processing. At the time of fermentation, careful control of humidity and control of humidity and temperature is essential. This process offers the right conditions for the polyphenols in the withered leaves to get developed into theaflavins, thearugibins, and other components that produced features flavors, and colors of the black teas. If leaves dry, oxidation slows down as water is needed for the process. The ambient RH of 95% to 98% at a temperature of 20 Degrees C to 26 Degrees C is needed to maintain fermentation and a small humidity level will leave an impact on the process and will therefore reduce yielding.

Humidification of other stages like in the production of tea bags to reduce electrostatic problems also enhances productivity. Tea drinking is internationally growing and consumers want both quality and the best choice. With a trend like fairtrade and direct sounding in forward contracts, producers are under high pressure than ever to meet allocations at the desired quality. If you cannot rely on the weather to offer the right conditions naturally, Humidifier for tea from the best supplier Regent Machine & Servicing is proven to offer consistent and profitable production surroundings.

There are many pros associated with using Humidifier for tea that the best supplier Regent Machine & Servicing is supplying to worldwide clients and customers at reasonable costs. Here are the best benefits that a buyer would get from this product.

  • Assured high humidity for fermentation. Oxidation whatever the exterior conditions are
  • Evenly spread moisture throughout the traditional floor or tray fermentation rooms and steady RH in CTC fermentation
  • Reduced discoloration and spotting of leaves, reduced waste, and greater yielding
  • Pre-fermentation humidification of cutting and rolling, reduces drying of the edges broken
  • Confidence in the investment, Regent Machine & Servicing has a strong record of enhanced quality, productivity, and fast return on investment in the tea sector
  • Quicker machine speeds up and reduces dusts creation in teabag production by electrostatic abolition

Regent Machine & Servicing is the leading supplier and installation service provider of the best quality Humidifier for tea. You can buy the best quality system which is crafted using the best quality raw material to ensure that it gets all features that it should have to make it withstand any climatic condition and ensure durability. We offer this product to our global clients at market-leading costs which will easily fit the budget of any customer.

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