Humidity Control for Increasing the Productivity

Humidity control is vital for many industries to have increased productivity. Uphold optimal moisture level is common throughout industrial applications namely the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, printing, electronics, and different manufacturing industries, and also in a niche market such as the luxurious hospitality industry. Not only it is advantageous for the production process, but for the overall health of the workers.

A few applications require dehumidification systems such as desiccant dehumidifiers or compressors whereas others want a greater level of humidity like cold rooms for vegetables. Based on the ambient temperatures indoors, the required humidity conditions vary.

Generally, for condensation stoppage and optimum humidification effects, it is suggested to have an RH level between 40% to 60%. However, all industrial applications have their optimum humidity level to attain the best outcome in productivity.

Problems associated with low humidity levels or no humidity control in production for all sorts of industries-

These days, in the high race of continually producing more and faster while preserving good quality levels for the products to its end consumers, manufacturing units cannot waste money and time on repairs. The speed of production and high-end quality are important aspects. On the other hand, several problems can take place during the process and damage the products, like-

  • Static electricity damages
  • Grip and disgust between the objects
  • Particle grip on end products
  • Operation shutdown, malfunctioning of the machines or equipment
  • Ignition explosion or source
  • Deterioration of the product’s features
  • Product defects or destruction at the time of manufacturing
  • Contamination of the components
  • Work environment problems caused due to static charges or low humidity
  • Electric shock to the equipment and workers
  • Dust explosion

This results in the repair of the products, the cost for the maintenance of the machines’ damages, and costs for the unsold damaged items and produces an unsafe working atmosphere for the operations.

Lack of aerial moisture is the reason for causing these problems. The dryness in the air let the production of static electricity and dust particles floating around.

That is why onsite humidity control and management of temperature conditions become essential for the manufacturing units of various industries. The most popular and the best solution is to buy humidification systems.

Buy humidity control systems-

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