Cold Storage

Crops or freshly slaughtered cattles are required to reach the customer fresh. In order to keep them fresh, these are cooled very rapidly to 2-4°C in the cold store by recalculating chilled air. From a 20°C+ temperature if these products are cooled very rapidly down to the storage temperature, the product looses moisture to the continuously recalculating air from the chiller plant and get damaged. To prevent this damage, moisture is added during this chill down process through humidification. However, it is not possible to humidify during the whole chilling process as the duty requirement will be so high that it will not be commercially viable. For this reason humidification is done intermittently , when the cooling is off. This enables the product to reabsorb the moisture from the air and also provides residual moisture to prevent moisture loss from the crop or the carcass to the recalculating chilled air. If not humidified correctly, cold stores can suffer huge losses due product weight loss and degraded quality

Features and benefits

Raising the relative humidity inhibits moisture loss.

The right humidity level ensures that product quality is maintained.

Improved profitability through maintained product weight.

Close humidity control means the right humidity for the right produce.

Direct room humidification ensures the right humidity level evenly around the store, maintaining produce quality throughout