LS Series Pressure Steam Humidifier

Condair LS live steam humidifiers are designed to control and distribute steam under pressure from a central steam boiler for direct introduction into a duct or AHU.

Condair LS steam lances are constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel and are available in single or multiple configurations. There is a wide variety of lengths ranging from 12″ to 144″ to suit any duct size and give the best possible steam dispersion. Multi-tube units are also available.In hospitals, universities, museums, galleries, and other facilities, boiler steam humidification is a tried and true way to achieve reliable humidity control.

The steam lance is pre-heated with a 97% jacketed exterior. When steam is first introduced to the humidifier it flows around this outer jacket. This heats the inner lance so that when steam is introduced into it, the walls of the lance are hot and therefore condensation is prevented. This ensures only hot, dry steam is released into the duct without any “spitting”. An optional stainless steel insulation jacket encompasses 1/2″ fiberglass insulation to improve efficiency and minimize heat transfer to the air stream.

The Condair MK5 resistive steam humidifier provides reliable control of humidity without the expense or inconvenience of replaceable boiling cylinders.

The Condair CP3 electroble boiler humidifier is an economic yet dependable solution for steam humidification.

This gas-fired humidifier incorporates ultra efficient condensing technology. Heat is recovered from the exhaust flue gases and used to pre-heat the incoming water supply. This saves energy, as well as improving humidity control.

As the exhaust gases are cooler, a plastic rather than stainless steel flue can be used, simplifying installation and reducing the cost.

Models range from 21kg/h to 246kg/h with the 21 and 41kg/h units available as wall-mounted systems. This makes them ideal for replacing existing wall-mounted electric steam humidifiers.

A lip-free design on the water tank makes removing scale easy and a curved design on the stainless steel heat exchangers dislodges scale during normal operation.

The system incorporates the latest touch screen control technology and can connect to Modbus and BACnet IP/MSTP (slave) as standard.

Features and benefits

Up to four times short evaporation than standard steam pipes

Patented inner nozzles guarantee dry steam deliver

Uniform steam distribution in duct for accurate humidity control

Stainless steel construction for long operational life

Economic steam humidification using a building's existing steam network

High capacity humidification up to 1,452kg/hr

Lance encased in 97% pre-heated jacket to avoid condensation and "spitting" into the duct

Electric or pneumatic actuator

Optional fibre glass insulation to avoid heat transfer to air stream.