Spray Humidifier

The Condair Jet Spray humidification System stand out and have remained in the forefront of direct air in room humidification techniques, providing economical and consistent humidification directly into workspaces and within air handling systems.

Condair JetSpray Compressed Air & Water Spray Humidifier

The highly flexible Jetspray Humidification System can be easily adapted into any industrial site situation and can be designed to work with a ventilation system , as a standalone humidification system or as a top up system to work in conjunction with the existing air towers.

The JetSpray provides very accurate humidity control directly to a room's atmosphere using a combination of compressed air and water. A series of strategically located nozzles provide consistent humidity throughout the space.

The use of compressed air ensures very rapid moisture evaporation, without the risk of wetting or drips, and highly directional spray aerosols.

The JetSpray is available in 60L/h and 600L/h capacity models. The 600L/h model is available with on/off control or fully modulating 0-100% output for highly accurate +/-2%RH humidity control.

Self-cleaning nozzles enable the humidifier to work with any potable water quality (within 200 PPM TDS and 20Mg./Ltr. hardness) without the need for a demineralised supply. Its fan-free design ensures robust operation in dirty, dusty industrial environments with minimal maintenance.

The JetSpray nozzle contains a self-cleaning mechanism that prevents blockages. Installation is easy and can be carried out by any competent HVAC contractor without the need for special tools. It incorporates standard plumbing fittings and can be supplied with stainless steel, copper or plastic pipework.

Condair JetSpray In-duct Humidifier Manifold

ML Flex High Pressure Direct Air Humidifier

The Condair HP uses high pressure of up to 70bar and Precision engineered nozzles to produce fine sprays.

The ML Flex is a high pressure spray humidifier for use in industrial manufacturing, horticulture, dust suppression and evaporative cooling.

A series of high pressure nozzles are located on a custom made line for each application and are connected to a high pressure pump station and water treatment system. Minerals are removed from the supply water and delivered to the nozzles at between 60-70bar. On release the water atomises and is absorbed by the air raising its humidity.

The ML Flex is manufactured in high quality stainless steel. As there is no fan unit to disperse the spray, no electrical connection is required at the point of distribution so the system can be employed in explosion proof environments. It also allows it to be used in very dusty atmospheres, such as those experienced in textile manufacturing.

The nozzle line can be suspended from a ceiling or mounted on a wall.
As the humidifier operates with a demineralised water supply no dust is introduced to the atmosphere.

The Condair HP delivers adiabatic humidification and cooling to an air handling unit (AHU) or duct. A series of nozzles mounted across the air stream atomize water under high pressure creating a fine mist that is rapidly absorbed. A droplet separator downstream removes any un-evaporated moisture from the air ensuring droplet-free humidification.

The nozzle lines are connected to a high pressure pump station and a water treatment system. Minerals are removed from the supply water before it is provided to the nozzle lines at between 60-70bar. A single pump station is capable of supplying nozzle lines in multiple AHUs with up to 1,300kg/hr of moisture. The system has a high humidification capacity and offers up to 884kW of adiabatic cooling from just 2.2kW of consumed electricity.

The nozzles and their manifolds are manufactured from high quality stainless steel. The oil-free high pressure pump also has stainless steel construction and carries an 8,000 hour guarantee.

Hygiene is ensured with UV sterilisation and regular flush cycles so that water cannot remain in the system to stagnate.

This quiet and discrete in-room spray humidifier is ideal for commercial buildings that do not have central air handling units. The nozzles are barely audible, just 10cm high and each can deliver up to 3kg/hr of humidification directly to a room with rapid evaporation.

Multiple nozzles can be combined and controlled from a central panel to deliver up to 200kg/hr with zone control allowing humidity levels to be controlled independently in different rooms.

The system consists of a reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment system that removes the minerals from the supply water, a high pressure pump, the in-room nozzles, hygrostats and a central control panel.

Both the RO water filter and the pump are housed in self-contained modules that are exchanged with new ones delivered to site at appropriate service intervals. Used modules are returned to Condair for servicing with the new ones being easily fitted in minutes.

 By operating this service module exchange system, the user benefits from a very low on-site service requirement, minimal system downtime, unlimited warranty on these components and a humidification system that is reliable, efficient and hygienic.

Features and benefits

Can supply multiple AHUs from one pump station

High quality stainless steel construction

Low energy, high capacity humidification & cooling

Easy to install and low service requirement