The essential criteria for making quality tea is to minimize the moisture loss from the tea leaves from the rupturing point in the Rotorvane /CTC / Rolling tables upto the Dryer feed end. For best quality and productivity it is imperative that this moisture loss is kept at the minimum possible level. The warmer and drier the ambient air of the production area, the faster the moisture loss from the tea. Maintaining correct humidity levels, uniformly in the production area like CTC / Rolling room and Fermenting room, will arrest the moisture loss from tea which will immensely improve quality. 

Drastic moisture loss takes place in the CTC / Rolling Rooms because of the excessive heat generated from the high Horsepower driver motors and from the cutting roller friction as well as the solar heat gains through roof and infiltration. Humidity being a function of temperature, ambient RH decreases drastically leading to rapid moisture loss from the tea under process in the CTC rooms within a very short time. 

Features and benefits

Guaranteed high humidity (95-98%) for fermentation / oxidation, whatever  the outdoor conditions

Evenly spread moisture throughout traditional floor and tray fermentation rooms, and consistent RH in CTC fermentation - major advantages compared to traditional spinning disk humidifiers

Faster machine speeds and reduced dust creation in teabag production though electrostatic elimination

Confidence in your investment - Condair has a strong record of improved quality, productivity and rapid return on investment in the tea industry