Humidifier for Weaving Unit

Weaving is the process of making fabric in the textile industry. A fabric is created by crossing warp threads and single-weft threads. The warp threads are in the way of the length of the material. They are winded down from the warp beam. By means of boards, looms open up the warp. Some threads are pulled up and some are pulled down. Into the passage, a weft thread is introduced thus made between warp threads. Then the boards’ position is reversed by that clamps weft thread that has been introduced. The beater comes to strike the did work and to align the weft thread with the preceding one. Then the other cycle starts. The threads advance, rub and are subjected to tension repetition. At a high-speed weft thread is inserted. This is a gentle operation. Ultimately, the fabric edges are called selvages. The unfinished fabrics that aren’t treated or bleached or dyed are called ecru.

Weaving is created with the help of weaving looms. However, before putting in the warp and filling in the looms, several treatments are given and a thorough preparation takes place entailing threading all warp end. Plus, packaging filling yarn in a simple way will let you easy unwinding through the shuttle or shed.

Moreover, loom machines can help in the creation of fabric and exquisite fabrics, by interlacing two kinds of threads, weft, and wrapping, through passing 4 sequences of steps.

  • Shedding
  • Picking
  • Beating up
  • Taking up

The basic weaves are twill, plain, and satin. The making of elaborate weaves is also possible on specially adapted looms-

  • Jacquard
  • Velvet

Issues as an effect of an inappropriate RH level-

The creation of weaves is possible by machines namely the jacquard loom, and air jet loom. They need a spot humidifier for weaving unit to safeguard yarn from break or weft from getting jammed. In case yar gets broken this results in many issues namely-

  • Decreasing the efficiency of the work
  • Stopping the machines
  • Require to reconnect the broken yarns
  • Deteriorating the product quality

The solution to avoid the issues and enhance the weaving process

During the process of weaving where the fabrics are placed into looms, if humidity level and moisture are not appropriate, this can result in the drying of the weft. When threads are dry, they may break. Plus, the dry air leads to electrostatic discharge occurrences. To avoid this, Regent Machine & Servicing will help in regulating RH level, moisturize threads sufficiently and humidify without wetting looms. You can buy a humidifier for weaving unit from us and we will offer you with the service of humidifier installation in your industry.

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